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We are project managers, engineers, financiers and environmentalists who develop projects in different sectors such as energy, real estate, the environment and culture.
About us

We are a group for the management and development of business ideas based on transformative, sustainable and value-added projects for both our stakeholders and society.

What do we do

ARES PMO will contribute to each project through its successful completion, product delivery and alignment with your strategy and value chain. 

We lead projects with #projecteconomy

Another way of doing things is possible

ENERGY (#weareenergy)

We create, design, build and start up projects with renewable technology. Sustainability, decarbonization and optimization of resources.


Construction Management, Owners Engineering.



We develop business opportunities in real estate and energy assets with an eye toward sustainability and the implementation of a circular economy model.


We care about the environment and the social impact of our projects. We take responsibility for the tasks of analysis, studies, plans and measures necessary for its mitigation and social impact.



We create the ideas, visualize the result and think about the product. We develop your business opportunity.


We integrate all the activities of the value chain in a PMO


We execute those projects in which our experience and knowledge are a differential value.

Value Added

From the preparation of the Business Case, resource analysis, budget exercise or energy audit, we are focused on adding value to the chain of our partners and customers.


We create value in a project-driven economy by bringing integrated project management to all sectors and companies, with a focus on people, leveraging knowledge, and providing expertise.


We aim to be an active participant in the project-driven economy, in a smarter and more sustainable project management approach, optimizing their development and execution regardless of the sector or company size. We will be part of the shift towards sustainable construction, renewable development, and energy transition in Europe, where the community plays a significant role.


Our team emotionally and intellectually engages in every project, striving for the success of each endeavor by identifying with the challenges and goals of each one, as well as those of our partners and suppliers.


Our surroundings, people, environment, communities, cities, neighborhoods are a key element for us. That is why we take care of each of these aspects from our organization. Sustainability, return on investment, and social impact are not empty words for us, as we manage them internally at ARES PMO.


We are a small, humble, and approachable company, where we strive to stand by our partners, suppliers, and collaborators, in order to promptly address any problems that may arise, reduce bureaucracy, loss of contact, and time, as well as provide support whenever needed. Trust among all stakeholders is key to us.


The significance of communication within our organization makes listening an essential aspect if we want to successfully lead the projects we participate in. We consider it indispensable for building trust, clarity, and transparency, while also avoiding situations of tension, misunderstandings, and conflicts.


We approach project management as a proactive activity, where we respond to a changing and highly volatile environment, always with professionalism, respect, and in line with our philosophy and values. It's not about solving problems, it's about preventing them through project success by executing on time and within scope. Success, quality, and commitment are achieved through the added value provided by people and their acquired knowledge and experience.

Adaptation to Change

In a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) environment like the one we live in, characterized by constant change, speed, and multiple uncertainties, we respond with a flexible organization that adapts to these new realities. We foster a positive attitude, active listening, problem-solving, and flexibility, which we transmit to our team and demonstrate in our leadership wherever we participate.

Our partners

Supporting each other makes us stronger. Here are some of our partners in projects.

Energy Galapagar
Audax Renovables
Ebagui Renovables
Industrias Segui
Suministros Orduña
Barceló Arrendamiento Hoteleros

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