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We actively participate in the origination, development, construction, and commissioning of renewable generation and storage projects. In any technology and scale, from a wind farm to the comfort of your own home.

Generation and Transmission

With over 15 years of experience, we specialize in engineering and leading the development of renewable generation projects and evacuation infrastructures. We carry out all the necessary activities to bring wind, solar, biogas, transport and distribution infrastructure, as well as substations and grid technologies to the 'Ready To Build' stage.

We handle all tasks required for such projects, including feasibility studies, land management, permits, resource assessment, environmental considerations, and project management. In an environment where maximizing the grid is a key factor, we assess the feasibility of hybridization in our projects, compatibility curves, and curtailment, while also handling the necessary processing, engineering, and analysis to optimize the installation.

Self-consumption and Distributed Generation

Our self-consumption and distributed generation team, with over 10 years of experience, is responsible for the engineering, supply, and construction of domestic, industrial, energy community self-consumption installations, and distributed generation projects. We are equipped to successfully carry out all phases of the project, including permitting, financing, grants, supply, construction, commissioning, and legalization.
All of this is done through meticulous engineering work, where we study each case to determine the best solution for our client’s needs. The project tailoring serves as a response to a scenario of saturation and lack of information.

Storage and Electric Mobility

The future lies in the management of production and demand, in the ability to store and manage the production of our installations. Whether it is a large-scale generation project, distributed generation, self-consumption, or stand-alone systems, we make ourselves available to our clients and partners to analyze, select, design, and install storage solutions that enable intelligent energy management.

We offer solutions such as the supply of electricity produced from renewable sources, emphasizing self-consumption and distributed generation. We also provide new solutions like battery storage or green hydrogen, electric mobility, and smart cities.

Solutions such as the supply of electricity generated from renewable sources.
Emphasis on self-consumption and distributed generation.
New solutions like battery storage or green hydrogen, electric mobility, and smart cities.